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The names of the Bible are absolutely fascinating! They quite often contain hidden nuggets of valuable truth that make the Bible even more fun to read and study. Such is the case with the name: “Methuselah.”
Most people are generally familiar with “Methuselah”. He was the son of Enoch (the righteous preacher). He was the grandfather of Noah (of Noah’s Flood). He was also the man with the longest life-span in the Bible (969-years). But… what most people don’t know about “Methuselah” is the special meaning behind his name. This Hebrew name actually carries behind it a Divine prophecy concerning the actual flood of Noah. How so? Let’s investigate!

The most common meaning for the name “Methuselah” (meth-oo-sheh’-lach) is “Man of a Dart”
This word (or name) is broken down into two separate parts (in the Hebrew language):
# 1 - “Meth” or “Math” = “Man (an adult)”
# 2 – “Shelach” = “A Missile (for attack)”

(Special note: The Hebrew noun “Shelach” can denote a missile, a dart, a spear, a javelin, a sword, or a branch. It is derived from the Hebrew root verb “Shalach” meaning “to send out” or “to send away”…
Notice the similarity with the Greek word “Apostle” (one sent forth)!)

So what we have here is an illustrative picture of a man (presumably a warrior) holding a spear in his hand. And what does a warrior do with a spear? He throws (“sends out”) the spear towards his enemy! The spear is SENT forth!
Thus... the name “Methuselah” can denote two separate meanings:
# 1 – A Man Holding a Spear! “On the Attack”… OR
# 2 – A Man on Mission! “One Sent Forth”… “Like a Spear”….

Now here’s where things get very interesting! There is a third (more concrete) meaning for “Methuselah” hidden even deeper (like a long lost treasure) within the Hebrew language. We’re talking about the actual core meaning behind the name! The more concrete meaning behind the name “Methuselah” is: “When he is dead it shall be sent.”

So what we have here is a Divine prophecy concerning actual flood of Noah, and it seems to be hidden within this man’s name. How do I know for certain that this statement is true? The flood of Noah took place the very same year of Methuselah’s death.

True fact! This is no mere coincidence!

The sinful world (at the time) was virtually safe from God’s impending judgment as long as Methuselah breathed air in a flesh body. However, once this man died, things drastically changed for the rebellious people on the earth. How so?
Upon Methuselah’s death, God’s plan was to send forth (like a spear) the flood of Noah upon an unrepentant sinful world (God’s enemy). So what we have here is a perfect illustrative type (or example) of the Lord’s battle against sin and rebellion. And this illustrative type (and prophecy) is perfectly contained within the Hebrew name “Methuselah”:
•Methuselah = “When he is dead it (the flood) shall be sent”
Let me say one more thing about “Methuselah!” I find it interesting to think about “Methuselah” as the man with the longest life-span in the Bible (969-years). Now that we know the precise core meaning behind his name, it becomes easier to see the grace of God at work during this very dark period of earth’s history (the pre-flood era).
Think about it! The very fact that this man holds the all-time record for the longest life-span on earth (969-years) is a testimony (in ones opinion) to the enduring patience & longsuffering of God towards mankind.

Like the scripture says:
2 Peter 3:9 – “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise (regarding Christ’s Return), as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering (extremely patient) to us-ward (mankind), not willing (it’s not His will) that any should perish (go to hell), but that all (everyone) should come to repentance.”

The Lord used the extremely long (record-breaking) life-span of “Methuselah” as a grace period (so to speak) to allow mankind a unique opportunity to repent for their sins before the coming Day of Judgment (Noah’s flood).

And guess what?
The Lord is doing the exact same thing for us today before the coming Day of Judgment (Christ’s Return).
So I would like to encourage anyone who reads this message to accept God’s gracious gift of salvation today before time runs out. Another flood is coming… not of water... but of fire! And just like the people of Noah’s time, you don’t want to be caught outside God’s designated Ark of Salvation when the flood hits. What is God’s Ark of Salvation?
God’s designated Ark of Salvation for mankind is none other than Jesus Christ! So please come into the “Ark of Salvation” today, and find the only true “Rest” you’re ever going to find in this world.

(Special Note: It just so happens that the Hebrew name “Noah” means “Rest”….)


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