Friday, 12 June 2009

1852 - A million visitors go to Barcelona every year. They want to see Antonio Gaudi's church. This unusual church has a strange history . Gaudi was born in Spain in 1852. He was very poor but he wanted to be an architect. He had to work and study at the same time. He often missed classes because he had to work -- but one day he designed a very unusual show-case for an exhibition in Paris. People began to give him work. He designed houses,offices and gardens .

But Gaudi's church is not yet serving its intended purpose as a house of prayer, 76 years after Gaudi died after being hit by a tram. Only a small part of it was finished in his lifetime. Many of the 18 steeples Gaudi envisioned have not yet been built. Much of the church is still exposed to the heavens.
And no one is betting on the date of completion -- not even the current chief architect, whose father knew Gaudi himself.
"In the time of Gaudi it was the same, the people like to know when it will be finished. And Gaudi's answer was, 'My client is not present.' I say the same," says architect Jordi Bonet.
Some 100 people work on the church site, but the commotion does not scare away visitors.
The Church of the Holy Family is the most popular tourist attraction in Barcelona, with 1.5 million visitors every year, because they just can't see anything like it anywhere else.

It is an amazing building. I have never seen any building like this before. I also recommend Park Guell if you are visiting Barcelona - Spain

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