Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Living Water

Luke 8:43-44
In the past, defiled people needed to cleanse themselves in living waters (running waters) to make them clean again. However, in Israel (a place where 70% of annual rainfall falls between November and March), it was not easy to find living waters whenever they wanted. So, they found a way to collect running water from everywhere into a container. Whenever anyone needs cleansing, they would release just one drop of that living water and it would turn the whole pool of dead water into living water.
Today, dead water is associated to the areas of troubles around you and living water is associated to Jesus. What do you think of when you see failures, stress and bondages around you? Do you imagine all these trials (problems/deaths) consuming you eventually or are you confident that the life in you will swallow up every single area of death? When Jesus met the leper, the leper received healing, when Jesus met the blind man, he received sight. When the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus, she was healed of her affliction. So start to believe that you carry around the death swallowing kind of life that Jesus has. Every encounter with Him will SURELY make you a success, fill you with peace and set you free.

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