Thursday, 11 February 2010


Genesis chapter 1:28 declares, “Then God blessed them, and God said to them; be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it...””
God’s words are life and spirit (John 6:63) so it is impossible to grasp them with our human mind. They are only revealed to us if we ask Jesus Christ to show us what they mean.
What is potential? Potential is a hidden talent or dormant ability that is yet to be exposed. Success is not potential, and it can sometimes hinder potential from progressing or being exposed.
In Genesis 1:28 God Almighty is talking to both man and woman to be fruitful and multiply. This scripture is so powerful and so when we believe it, it will bring great wealth to our lives and make our living on earth fulfilling and not a waste. As I ponder and study this scripture and understand the meaning of potential, I have come to realise how much I can do. Every human being on earth has the potential to do something that is so fulfilling in life.
God created every living thing so that it can bear itself by producing a seed and growing from a seed. For example, have you seen a mango seed? If you were given a seed and I asked you of the number of seeds you have in your hand, your answer would be one seed. However, if you understood the nature of a seed, your answer would be fact but not the truth. The truth would be that you had a forest in your hand. Why? Because in every tree there is a fruit with seeds in them and these seeds have fruit that have seeds, etc. In other words, there is far more potential than the eye can see.
Genesis 1:12 states that God placed the seed of each living thing within itself (including humans - you and me) and planted within each person or thing the ability to do much more; everything in life has potential.
With our world today we want a quick fix or to get rich quicker, but nothing in life is instant. Why? This gets us back to Genesis 1:28 where in one man’s loins came out the 5 billion people. The earth was not filled instantly with people. He made one person - not a million people. He started from one seed and blessed them and asked them to multiply. That’s the way God works.
If you are one of those people going around thinking I should be doing something better than this, then I would say that is good because deep down in you, you have potential waiting to be exposed. It is demanding you not to settle for your current accomplishments. God is always looking for what is not yet visible. He expects to find inside each person or thing He created more than is apparent on the outside.
Papua New Guinea is a very rich country in its natural resources. The people also have great potential. No one, including prisoners, AIDS victims or school dropouts are useless. Other people can see potential in our country, so they are swarming in like bees to get the good out of our country. We can sit around on our land but others can see beyond that. All they are thinking of is how to get into the country. As long as they do that, it does not matter how they will survive because they know that the people of PNG tend to be spectators while others make a good living if they can enter the country. What one sees as a hopeless case, others see as something good. There are many lives with potential that may never go further because society rejects them. If you are one of those that feel you are useless, I urge you to rethink that idea, because you may be a school dropout or unable to hold down a good job, but you are more talented than you think. Stop looking at other people’s success. God packaged some things in you for the good of the world. Explore them and bring them out so the world can benefit from you. You are not just a cleaner, house wife, prostitute, escort etc. You are more than that. What you see is not who you are. Release your ability before you die. The people of Papua New Guinea will lose out if you don’t start the business, write the book, invent, be the MP, a teacher etc. Let’s not rob the next generation of wealth, treasures and gifts buried within us.

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