Friday, 30 April 2010


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Thank you to all those people who visit my blog. I am inspired by your visitation that I will continue to try and write as much as I can. I do a little bit of reading so that seemed to help a lot. I feel a bit low but I thought of my blog and decided to put my head up again and carry on in a very positive manner. If you are going through some hardship, be encouraged God is with you
Life is full of surprises and we are constantly making choices. Our preferences reveal who we are and what we value in life. Our life is the sum total of the decisions we make every day. We have become what we have decided for the last fifteen or twenty years of our life.
What is even more significant is that we can tell the kind of life we’re going to have in future by the decisions we are making today. In this sense the future is really now. Sometimes we think that we can make bad choices today and make up for them later on. That thinking is in error. Whatever we are doing now is our tomorrow.
That is why “yes” and “no” are the most powerful words you will ever say. God desires us to say them with precision because they will determine our destiny. We will be blessed by saying yes to what is in accordance with our dream and no to anything else. Sometimes people say yes and don’t succeed in their dreams because they don’t understand that prioritising creates useful limits on their choices.
1 Corinthians 6:12 declares that, “everything is permissible for me but not everything is beneficial.” Therefore we should bear in mind that though we have permission to do everything or anything we want to,”not everything is beneficial” for us. The only thing that should have power over us are the things that will take us to our goals. If something is beneficial, we should ask ourselves if this thing we are holding on to is leading us to our dreams, destiny, purpose or goals.
This involves relationships too. There may be some good people in your life who are bad for you because they are distracting you from going where you want to go. When I was in high school my friends were having boy friends and I just concentrated on completing my education and having a job. This attitude carried me through to completing my college education. As a result I had a good job. When we don’t focus, we won’t be able to fulfil our dreams. Our greatest challenge as individuals is to choose between good and best, not good and bad because we know what is good and bad already in our conscious.
If you want to achieve your dream, keep your eyes on the goal and never take them off. There is a guarantee that you are likely to reach it.
Well will leave you here till next time. May God’s blessings be upon you as you pursue your dreams.

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