Wednesday, 12 May 2010

People we have in our lives can be good or bad influences. They can be your friends or family. If we have a dream, then we need people to help us get there. We can never achieve anything on our own. Learning to appreciate people and ask ourselves as to what each person can contribute to our destiny. We need people to make it in life.
In the Bible great men and women of God were helped by other people to bring forth what God had called them to do. There’s Moses who had Aaron, Joshua had Caleb as a right man, Nehemiah who had Jews, priests, and so the list goes on.
Therefore, it is important that we work with others in making our dreams a reality. Nehemiah 2:17 reported saying, “Then I said them (the Jews, priest, nobles, officials and others), ‘you see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and will no longer be in disgrace.’” It is very clear here that Nehemiah was given the vision, but he had to go to other people to help him get it done.
For any vision that you have God has people prepared to work with you, and they will be a blessing to you. There will always be a need for positive people in your life. When I went to high school, I had my father, aunties and uncles who helped to pay my school fees. When I was in college my uncle helped me in my spiritual walk. When I was doing my studies in UK, my husband helped me financially and academically. People will always be there waiting to help you when you start. Therefore, if you have no dream or if you do not begin to act on it, the people who are supposed to help you won’t know where to find you.
People can have either a positive or negative influence on us. However, acting on our vision will stir some people to help us and some will try to hinder us. The influence of those who spend time with us has a powerful effect on how we will end up in life, on whether we will succeed or fail.
As adults we overlooked peer pressure, thinking it’s only for young people but if we are those who are affected by people’s opinions, then we are definitely under peer pressure. If we allow people’s opinions then they can either encourage or destroy our vision. We must learn to choose our friends wisely, selecting those who are with us and not against us (in line with vision/dream) Remember, vision always brings opposition. We must get use to the idea that people may gossip about us and treat us with malice because of our vision. It’s all part of the process! Whatever, the opposition hold on to your dream because it will help you through the troubles. Sometimes, we may need to pull away from the influence of those we love to pursue our dreams and be successful.

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