Wednesday, 14 October 2009


When I think of a true man I think of David the shepherd boy. He lived the fullness of his masculinity, who loved and failed and wandered and returned, who battled and risked and won and lost, who preserved and danced and sang. The Bible declares as “a man after God’s own heart,” he is a fitting model for a man living in the fullness of his masculinity, moving along the rapid currents of his life’s calling not with perfection but with a passion and perseverance that has to teach us today. David provides a complete and completes portrait of a man in motion, in his pursuit of his God-given destiny.
He is also a man who had his faults – committed adultery, blood on his hand (war), one of his sons raped his sister and so hatred existed in the family.
I have also discovered from Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis 2 the definition of man. Archaeologists have searched for the Garden of Eden (from the Bible) and are not able to find it. Eden in Hebrew means spot, presence, open door, moment and delight. Someone said it this way, ‘Eden is a spot for the moment where the presence of God is an open door to heaven.
God created Adam and introduce Himself to Adam. He put all creative ideas in Adam and left him to complete it. For example He made a tree and the man is able to build a house or canoe from the it. That is the kind of talent that a man has. Before the fall, wherever Adam walked, the presence of God was with him in that moment. Man cannot function outside God’s presence. For instance if you take fish out of its environment, it will die. Man is the foundation of a family and has authority in the family. Their role as a father and a husband is very important and must be valued and recognised. A building is only out of bound if the foundation is shaken or disturbed and is never seen but it holds the house together, in the same way a husband is the foundation of a family.
When Satan came to the garden, he was not afraid of the woman (Eve) but he was afraid of the man (Adam). Eve was the window but Adam was what Satan was after. He is like David, king in the kid. There are lots of men who are smart and talented. I have a brother who did his education up to grade 6. He got an old rubbish radio and using car batteries made a big loud speaker in the village. I was blown by what I saw. There was a story of an African boy who was a school dropout because his parents were unable to pay his school fees. When he went home he collected all the scraps of metal and other rubbish and made a windmill. Many at times we look at men and think they pump iron, run the show, never cry, showing off or woo women. But that is not true, as not all men lift weights or lead groups. Some of them shed tears, walk around normally and drink hurriedly because they are nervous in talking to the lady beside them.
Man was created to worship God. He is to work to provide for his family. When he is not working he will be frustrated or won’t be satisfied. He is to cultivate and bring the best out of something that adds value. I see this with my father and husband; they are always trying to perfect something that I think is complete. This is the reason why God never gives a man a finish product. Furthermore, you are not given a complete woman; you will never find the woman you are looking for. She is trapped in the one you have. Eve was taken out of Adam.
In Ephesians 5: 25 declares that husband ought to love their wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her. Wives are to respect their husbands. This is how he knows that you love him.
Having large muscles is to protect his wife and children. That is the reason why he is aggressive. He is very competitive and gets involve in recreation activities. It is a need for a man to do these things. Man is stimulated by what he sees but a woman is stimulated by what she hears. A man wants a woman that is beautiful to protect. (Ephesians 5: 22-28) Many women do the submission and complain about it but don’t show respect to their husbands. In Genesis it declares that a man leaves his father and mother and is cleaved or joined to his wife and the two become one flesh. The word ‘cleaves’ in Hebrew language means to chase after his wife. Man would chase a woman till he marries her and then stop chasing her, why? This is because she is not attracted to him anymore. A woman should look better after marriage as the husbands’ job is to present his wife without blemish just like Christ who present his wife – the church without spot and blemish and present her to Himself a glorious church. She reflects her husband, so if she lacks confidence she should be encouraged and the husband or fathers have that ability to bring it out. After a day’s work a man should return home to his wife and hide from the world's pressure. When he comes home, he desires to see his beautiful wife not nagging wife. He needs support and encouragement and admirations. Men interpret respect as love. Men love but women show respect. Respect means speak highly of, or to hold in high regard or to praise.
Lastly a man is to teach the Word. God never told Eve anything. The reason why Eve was easily tempted is because she had no knowledge of the Lord God. This is true because when Satan question Eve about the tree, she answered by saying ‘yes, God has said...’ Genesis 3:3. If she had responded by saying the Lord God instead of God, then Satan would have not pursued his temptation. When God created the world, including angels and Satan He revealed Himself to them as God (Elohim) indicating no relationship with creation. However, when He created man He revealed Himself as Lord God (Jehovah Elohim) and so there is a relationship/covenant with humanity.
I hope this will bless all the men who call by. May God bless you as you aspire to be the best you can be!

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